Welcome to the World of NorthmaN: A Brand Inspired by Norse Mythology and Sustainabilityin 2023

NorthmaN - a clothing brand created  and inspired by Norse mythology and the strong, fearless attitude of the men and women of the North.

The founders of NorthmaN decided to create a brand that incorporated the essence of Nordic values and tradition. They did everything - from the designs to the choice of fabrics and factory - to create clothes that were authentic and of high quality.

At Northman, we believe that fashion should be more than just a way to dress - it should be an expression of our customers' personality and lifestyle. Our clothes are designed to allow our customers to feel confident and adventurous, with pieces that stand the test of time and intense use.

Furthermore, at Northman, we care about the environment and work to minimize our environmental impact. All of our products are made sustainably and responsibly, using organic and recycled materials .

Our goal is to create a community of people who share similar values of adventure, courage, and respect for the environment. By choosing Northman, you will sail with us in this mission and be a part of a brand created with love and dedication by its founders. Experience the authentic and adventurous feeling of NorthmaN today.

"Wisdom is welcome wherever it comes from"




We know that our planet’s natural resources are precious and limited, which is why we want to do everything we can to preserve them. We all know that we are reaching the limits of the earth’s natural resources. At NorthmaN, we want to take responsibility for preserving the soil, water, air and biodiversity. Our three areas of action are centered around using no harmful materials and chemicals, reducing carbon emissions, and driving circularity.




We know that without our people, we would not be who we are today. This is why we strive to look after their well-being and value their talent.  NorthmaN has grown considerably since its origins in 2012; growth that would not have been possible without dedicated individuals and strong partnerships. We want to continue our commitment to people; in line with our membership of Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), our efforts are focused on securing good working conditions and well-being